The right marketing tools


Your Business Success!

Let me help.

The right marketing tools


Your Business Success!

Let me help.

Looking to build your online presence, but need direction? Let’s get started.

Looking to build your online presence, but need direction? Let’s get started.

I specialize in online marketing using WordPress, email marketing and digital marketing to assist clients in marketing their business.

Whether you are looking to ramp up your online marketing or you need a complete overhaul of your current website, let me help you achieve your business goals online and offline. I know what it feels like to get an idea in your head, whether it be a product or a service, but you have no clue where to start putting the wheels in motion. Sure, there is plenty of available tutorials on how to build your website and market it, but what makes the most sense is to partner up with someone that can relate to your situation…someone that has spent countless hours of honing in on their specific skillset and discovering what really works. I’ve been in the business of creating websites and marketing small businesses for over 17 years and I can share my experiences with you, nurturing you along the way to build and expand your business. Now that makes sense!

Ideally, I partner with smart, creative, growth-focused business clients who need support in the management of administrative and marketing tasks.  Removing the burden of these time-intensive tasks enables my clients to focus on business development, strategic growth, and relationship building. Is this you? Then schedule a discovery call with me today.

Check out my recent interview with Katrina Mitchell of Franchise Speakers as she asks me questions about how I support my clients and what I am most passionate about.

"Aletha has been the cornerstone of our business success."

“Over the last 8 years, she has been our lead in Website Development and Maintenance, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Project Management covering a huge array of special projects and new initiatives. There are so many things I love about Aletha, it’s hard to list them all here.” – Katrina Mitchell, Franchise Speakers

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aletha for seven years. She is my secret weapon."

“She does everything with excellence and in a timely manner. She stays in wonderful communication with me and I trust her completely with any of my passwords, back-end information and anything else I need to share with her to make sure my business projects run smoothly.” – Ericka James,

"I’ve been working with Aletha McManama for over a decade and she has created a number of fantastic websites for me over the years."

“Aletha is so easy to work with and she really knows what she’s doing with email marketing, social media marketing and project management. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!” – CJ Scarlet,

"Aletha is a great person to work with! She is helpful."

“When I needed a Learning Management System, she researched and gave me a solution that would be easy to use with no monthly subscriptions and one that I could use on my own after her initial set up.” – Frida Owinga, PassionProfit LTD

Here’s how I can help.


Consult & Execute

Let’s get you on track by setting the course of action…consult with me so you receive answers to all your questions. My business is your business. Let’s make it happen, shall we?

Support When You Need It

Uh oh! You’ve ran into an issue with your website and you need answers! Drop me a line or two and I’ll get right on it! There’s not much that I haven’t resolved being in the business of website building.

WP Website Designed

I would LOVE to help you build your website using WordPress! I’ve got at least 10 years experience in creating fresh, clean layouts that match your brand. Let’s create a plan on how this will look! 

Email Marketing Planning

So you have a website now? Don’t stop there! Use the power of email marketing to create your marketing funnel and target your specific audience that will grow your business. Let’s discuss a marketing plan.


Have Your Site Secured

There’s nothing worse than watching your site will be overtaken by hackers! Let me ease the stress and worry of what could happen! Put your site security in my hands and I will make sure you are protected!