Well this is supposed to be my Day 7 Ultimate Blog Challenge post, but I skipped my Day 6 post and I’m writing it today! So I’m a day behind. No big deal. I’ll catch up anyhow.

One of the reasons I took off yesterday is I really needed some down-time. As a business owner like myself, I need to take a break from my administrative business work, marketing, client work, etc., etc. I’ve been putting in that extra time these past couple of weeks to prepare for fourth quarter marketing and it’s exhausting! I really didn’t want to come into my Monday feeling tired and unfocused. It’s just not healthy for you or your clients when you come to your desk feeling unproductive. You may as well take the day to rest so you can come back refreshed and ready to be productive.

So I have to ask if you’re a small business owner, do you work 24/7 or do you work just Monday through Friday and take the weekend off? Since I work with clients in different time zones, for the most part, I can be flexible of when I start working each morning and when I stop working in the afternoon. It’s not often I have to work in the evenings unless I have nothing else better to do and the house is empty because my husband and kids have left to do their own thing. It’s also rare I work on the weekends, but there are times that I’ll do a bit of work on Saturday or Sunday morning to tweak my website or update my marketing. Like this Saturday, I wrote up my blog post for Day 5, but that’s all I got accomplished. I honestly did not get much done around the house either, but it will be there for another day! LOL

I do love having the flexibility to establish my own work hours because it allows me to be present when I need to leave my office to attend events with my kids or I can start my day with a morning walk or run. It just feels good! When I worked a corporate job, I never had the opportunity to do the things I get to do now. The flexibility also allows me to volunteer at my daughter’s school so I can always stay abreast of what is happening there. So even though I work in a home office and miss that human interaction, I still find the time to make sure I get out and socialize when I can. You can begin to isolate yourself within the confines of your four walls and not realize it. Just be sure you get out and have face-to-face interaction with people. There is only so much you can do on the phone or on a web call. 

I would love to hear if you work a full-time or a part-time job or business and if you have a set schedule or if you’re flexible. Feel free to leave a comment below. Would love to hear!

Until tomorrow (well, today)…my Day 7 Ultimate Blog Challenge post!


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