I have a feeling you may ask why I’ve titled my post, “I’m taking that leap once again”. Well, let me explain. And let me be transparent and real with you. I’ve been challenged this past year with hopes of expanding my online business, booking more clients that I have in the past year. We all want that extra income, don’t we? I’ve been in this business for fifteen years now, and I have seen both success and failure, not only in my business, but in others around me. It’s not easy keeping a business afloat. I’ve worked countless hours to get where I am at today and I’m proud of that.

In the last few weeks, I was notified that one of my biggest clients will be selling her business and I will be losing her at the first of next year. That will leave a big gap in my client base. So much a gap that I will need to replace her with two substantial clients or at least three or four smaller clients. If I had spent time building up and marketing my business at the first of this year, I should not have a problem replacing this client. Well, now I sit here and realize that I should have been building client relationships all along and just reach out and follow up with past clients or build a prospective client database that I can reach out. But no…I did not do that. I quietly worked through these last few months, feeling comfortable with my current client base. This essentially leaves me scrambling to attract more clients to keep my online practice full. Instead of me hanging my head and walking away in defeat, I’m going to take that leap once again! I took a leap of faith when I signed my third client after working a full-time job 15 years ago…I can do it again just continuing what I do now. Only better.

I’m going to take my own advice from my Day 1 UBC blog post and sit down this weekend and put together my marketing plan to finish out this year.

I’m also going to reach out to all my colleagues and past clients and ask for referrals to see if anyone is looking to ramp up their online marketing for 2020. I may even attend a networking event outside of my office. Now there is something I have not done in years!

Why am I telling you all this? One lesson I would like for you to learn out of this is to be sure you plan ahead, market ahead and expect that you could lose clients at no fault of your own. It can happen. There are other ways you can protect yourself when you are selling your services, whether it’s with a retainer agreement or a project agreement. Just make sure you are allowing yourself time to finish working with one client while you are reaching out to prospects to replace that spot on your client roster. Don’t find yourself having a “lack attitude” because if you set yourself on the right course of action, you won’t ever lack the business you desire!

Until tomorrow. Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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