One of the best ways to grow your mailing list fast is to outsource. Outsourcing is always less expensive than you think it will be because in many cases there is an actual return on investment to do the outsourcing.

For example, if something costs you $100 dollars to outsource and you end up earning $300 dollars from the offer, you earn a net profit of $200 dollars ($300 – $100.) This is a fantastic ROI of 200 percent ($200-dollar net earnings / $100-dollar investment = 2 or 200 percent). In many ways, you can’t afford NOT to outsource.

Let’s explore six different ways you can implement outsourcing to grow your list effectively, while also earning money doing it.

1 – Social Media Marketing

You can outsource a lot of tasks in your social media marketing channels. But if you focus on the aspects that help you get more list members, you’ll outsource based on engagement and growth. To hire someone based on these aspects, you’ll need to find someone who is an expert in growing a social media channel and engaging with them.

To hire the right person, they should be skilled with:

  • Industry Technology – The person you hire should know how to use the technology you’ve picked to use. Don’t switch tech just because you hire someone. Use the technology that you like to use but do be open to something better if it exists.
  • Goal Setting & Strategy Implementation – The person should be good at setting goals with you based on the strategy you want to implement and then getting the work done within the time limits and expectations you set.
  • Engagement and Action – Two must-have competencies you need in a social media manager include the abilities to increase niche/member engagement, as well as a thorough understanding of what motivates your audience, and the ability to inspire them to take action, such as joining your mailing list.

During the interview process, explain that your goal is to get more engagement and grow your mailing list. You can find out how they have accomplished this in the past, as well as how they will do it for you, if hired. So, listen carefully to how they’d want to work with you to reach the goals.

2 – Content Creation

It may seem smart to create your own content; but, it’s impossible for you to keep up with the amount of content needed to keep growing your list. List growth is all about making offers your audience needs. To do that, you need large amounts of content, which takes up a great deal of time to create.

  • Content & Publishing Calendar Creation – In order to have a good content marketing strategy to build your list, you will need to ensure that you have the right content with the right goals going to the right channels.
  • Content Writing, Editing & Publishing – When you hire someone to help you decide what type of content you need created, you may want to hire someone who can (or their team can) create the content, write the content, edit and publish the content as well.
  • Buying & Using PLR – A really good content marketing manager will also help you locate and buy the right type of PLR that you can use in your content marketing endeavors. They may find awesome freebies that you can give away or content that can be reworked.

When you get content coming out of your business on a regular basis so that you can offer products, freebies, and information to your audience where they are and how they want to consume it then you’re going to be ahead of the list building game.

3 – Landing Page Building

If you can hire someone who is skilled at building landing pages and funnels, using the existing technology, you will build your list faster. After all, having automation and well-made landing pages gives more opportunity for your audience to find you.

  • Technology – Can the person you’re hiring work the technology you want to use? Do they have actual experience with examples? You really want to ensure that the person you hire can think for themselves and teach you a thing or two about the technology you have picked.
  • SEO – Anyone creating landing pages should understand how SEO works in terms of the content on your landing pages such as the headers, sub-headers, and headlines. Plus, they should understand how the words on the page affect the viewer’s choices too. Often, they don’t do the content, but some do.
  • Content – You may find someone else who writes the sales copy for your sales page. Copy for a landing page is different from blog copy. A lot of people get confused by that. But sometimes your landing page creator is also good at content for landing pages, but often they just use the content you provide. But they should be confident enough to edit as they see a need for it whether they’re creating the content or not.

You should be able to define what a good landing page is for your needs but also be willing to listen to the expert about the landing pages. If you want someone to just do the tasks, hire someone who knows your technology, but if you want someone who also helps with strategy hire someone who considers themselves a landing page strategist or a funnel expert.

4 – Affiliate Manager

Another way to build your list is with your affiliates. Managing affiliates is a big job if you want to do it effectively. Someone needs to be encouraging them, pointing out new materials and growing your affiliate army. An affiliate manager can do this for you and your list will grow because of it.

A good affiliate manager will:

  • Encourage Promotions – A good affiliate manager will encourage promotions of anything that you’re working on promoting right now as well as give them a heads up about future promotions. They will give the affiliate tools to use and step-by-step instructions too.
  • Get More Affiliates – One way to build your list is by building your affiliate army too. Getting more affiliates will help you build your list faster because the more people who are out there sharing and promoting your offers the better.
  • Point Out New Materials – A good affiliate manager will also keep the affiliates informed of new products that are going to be released soon. Keeping them informed of what’s coming up, the content you can use to promote those things, and so forth will help you build your list faster because more of the affiliates will promote when told what to do.

Growing your list with affiliates is a more hands-off way to build your list but it’s very effective. If you already have motivated, active affiliates, start working with them to build the mailing list. Remember, some of your affiliates might be product creators too. If you can work together on a promotion, you’ll all benefit. Your affiliate manager can identify areas that can be enhanced to help you build your list.

5 – Email Marketing

You can build your list even with email marketing. That might seem strange since the people on your list are already on your list. However, the truth is, part of building an effective email list involves keeping it healthy. Hiring someone to help you keep your email marketing lists healthy is a no-brainer.

  • Sets Up Autoresponders – Autoresponders are important to keep your list members dialed into what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and when you’re doing it. Keeping your list members in the known in advance of others is the best way to keep your list valuable to your members and to you.
  • Answers Email Problems & Complaints – A good email marketing manager knows how to answer problems and complaints from others regarding email marketing messages, technology, subject matter, and assumptions. Giving your list members VIP Status will make your list worth even more to them.
  • Helps Customers – Someone who is good at email marketing will also be good at helping customers find things that they can’t find. For example, if someone received an email directing them to download something but the person can’t find the right page and can’t download the item then the person manning the email should know how to help.

When you keep people happy via email marketing, you’ll have a much healthier list. Your list members will also like the content you send to them so much that they’ll be much more likely to share it with their friends when the email marketing content and strategy matches the rest of your online marketing strategy.                 

6 – Graphic Design

Graphics are used on websites, blog posts, landing pages as well as within digital products such as eBooks and reports. Using amazing imagery in all aspects of your business will help build awareness and trust in your capabilities. The more people trust you and notice you, the more likely they are to sign up for your email list.               

  • Websites, Social Media & Blogs – A good graphic designer can take your idea and turn it into a great looking and branded website, blog, social media cover and so forth. If you have 100 quotes you want to promote from your latest eBook, they can create graphics to go with that that you can promote.
  • Covers & Banners – You are for sure going to need covers and graphics for your new products whether they’re freebies or paid products. A good graphic designer can create a template for your items so that it’s faster and less expensive to produce quickly.
  • Blog Images & Memes – If you need images for blogs so that your readers can easily share to Pinterest or make a meme to share on social media a graphic designer can do that for you. Yes, you can do it on Canva yourself but if having someone else do it gives you more time to create more offers then you’re going to get a return on investment that makes it worth it to outsource.

Outsourcing graphic design so that you can focus more time and effort on doing something else such as coming up with product ideas, developing your marketing strategy, and overseeing your business is a great way to build your list using outsourcing.

In Summary

Outsourcing will help you build your list because you’ll have more time to focus on offers. The more offers you have the more people who will join your list and the more money you will ultimately make. Naturally, the offers need to be exactly what your audience wants and needs to be based on the persona you’ve created after studying them. 

The hard part will be deciding what you should outsource first. But a good sign for you is anything on this list you’re deficient in doing, all of which need to be done to have a solid email marketing strategy should be started as soon as possible.

Make a list of what you need to accomplish and use that list to help you find the right outsourcers to work with. You can post your needs in a community setting, on a site like or, or post the advertisements on your website and run an advertisement about the openings.

The important thing is that you know what you want to be done, you understand how it all works together, and that you implement it as soon as you hire someone to help. Don’t sit on it and wait if you find someone. Give them work to do and analyze the results. You don’t have to make assumptions. Find out where your list is now. In three months, assess where your list stands after you’ve outsourced something.

If it’s working, keep going. If it’s not working, determine what isn’t working, tweak it, and then proceed, knowing that you can end the test at anytime. However, you will likely want to keep going if you’ve done enough planning, organizing, and research to get your goals, strategies, and actions right. What are you waiting for?

Let me know how I can support you in your list building efforts. I can help in the areas of:

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