One of the most popular ways to entice people to sign up for an email list or newsletter is to offer something of value in exchange for an email address, name, and sometimes other information. Often, that valuable offer involves an information product or a related digital download product.

An information product is any product that gives the buyer or user information that they wanted to help them solve a problem. An information product can be an eBook, a checklist, app, membership, etc. You can make your information product in any form you want, while providing the information that your ideal audience needs.

1 – Know Your Audience & Where They Hang Out

You may be sick of hearing it but you need to know your audience. You need to know what keeps them up at night. You need to know what they do in their free time. You need to know if they have extra money that they can spend. You need to know what their problems are in relation to your ability to help solve them. Then you’ll create the solutions.

When you know your audience well enough to know where they hang out and where they get their news / information, you know where you need to develop a presence. If your audience is there in large numbers, you need to be there too, but only if you share at least a small interest in the group or topic. If you can’t hold your own in the group or you’re not a good fit, ask the admins if they would be interested in offering their members a related information product that covers a problem that both groups have.

2 – Start Creating Amazing & Effective Content

Knowing who your audience is and the topic you’re going to solve for them you can start creating amazing content. Write blog posts, create reports, write eBooks, and more. Create video content, webinars, and more content that attracts your ideal audience. You’ll need content for your blog, for social media platforms, and you’ll need a mix of content. Your mix should contain text, images, and videos, both readable online and via download.

When you create content, remember that you give away the “why,” and sell the “how.” This helps you separate your free content from your paid content. If it’s a “how to” you may want to save it for sale or you may decide to give away that one “how” in a list building exercise if you have a good up-sell that you can follow with. Because remember, if you have a list you want to sell to them too. That’s what makes it all worth it.

Develop a content calendar and publication calendar that helps you know what you’re creating so that you’re ahead of the content creation game. For example, if you know that you want to publish things about Thanksgiving end of October and early November you’ll want to start finding and crafting that content three or four months before. You can find private label rights content (PLR), have a writer create it, or do it yourself if you have set up your work schedule appropriately.

The publication calendar can also be used with your affiliates as well as your list members. The calendar can be used to promote what’s coming up soon to help you build buzz early and by habit. It’ll give your customers, your list members, and your affiliates all a chance to get on board with you in advance so that when you do have the launch of anything new you have lots of takers.

3 – Use Automation to Capture Emails Wisely

One thing you have going for you today when trying to build your email list is automation. Today, the automation for capturing emails is amazing. If you use landing page software integrated with your autoresponder software, you can make the entire process so seamless that it feels super easy for everyone involved. But you want to use all this automation wisely.

  • Avoid Too Many Popups – While you do want to put your freebies and offers in multiple spots on your site, you don’t want to have too many aggressive popups, slides, and pop-unders for your visitors to deal with. In fact, you should use the technology to deliver the pop-ups to only new people or people who haven’t clicked away from them. That way they won’t be bothering anyone.
  • Don’t Dazzle them with Your Technology – When anyone comes to your site and gets on a landing page that asks them to do something such as buy, download something, etc. you want them to be as undistracted as possible with the technology that is going to control everything that happens based on their behavior.
  • Personalize Everywhere – Wherever you’re allowed to add personalization make sure you do that. People respond more to personalization even when they know it’s done with a machine. They like it when their name is mentioned, and when it feels more personal that way.
  • Control How Many People See the Popup – You can often control the pop-up and let it be shown to only certain first-time visitors. You can make it show up every five visits or some other pattern. Look into your landing page software to find out how to accomplish this.
  • Behavior Match – Many types of landing page and autoresponder software can also perform some things based on behavior. That’s always your best way to set things up. If the customer does this, then the technology does This is going to make the experience on your site feel so much more natural to them.

It’s important to use technology but you want the technology to make it easier for you and for them. You don’t want the technology to outshine what you do. You want it to give you the subscriber or buyer information and give them their information product.

4 – Multiple Info Products, Landing Pages, & Traffic

When you want to build your list using information products, you need to create a lot of free info products and landing pages. Even when something is free, you should have a good landing page describing what they’re downloading and how you’ll use their information going forward. Lead with the benefits for them, not for you. Make sure they know that downloading this is good for them and why.

The reason you want multiple landing pages and multiple free products is that it gives you a lot of opportunities to bring people onto your email list. From a strict search point of view, more landing pages are good for SEO.

Giving your audience more places to land that has a CTA, promotes a specific lead magnet or product, and is designed to speak directly to that segment of your audience will cause you to get more email list sign-ups.

Your landing pages can be for freebies, low cost, and high cost paid products too. In fact, if you’ve created anything and you’re not willing to create a landing page for it then you must not be that proud of what you’ve created. If you’re proud of it, it shows.

You create a landing page, you then let people know about the product by driving traffic to the landing page, and then after people sign up for your list you nurture that list with a follow-up message sent from an autoresponder that the audience wants and needs. But, the first thing is you want to give them more places to land.

5 – Landing Pages Lead Collection & Sales

Studies show businesses that increase their number of landing pages always increase their sales too. The main reason is that the more entry points you have, the more people get on your list. When you have more people to your list, you simply have more buyers on your list. Studies show that with up to 40 landing pages, you keep increasing the number of leads you collect and sales you make.

The reason this works is due to search engine optimization and content marketing rules. Of course, having more pages on your site garners more attention from the search engine bots. Plus, when you offer a large variety of product topics to your audience segments it means that while one thing may not get their attention, something else is likely to capture their attention and interest.

6 – More Landing Pages More Marketing Opportunities

The other great thing you get with more landing pages is you have more chances to market your business. You can start a marketing plan with anyone landing page at a time with anyone freebie or low-cost product to build your list. You can do more than one or one at a time, either way, your list will grow with more landing pages.

You can use them as discussion starters and as answers. If someone asks you a question and your freebie is the answer, why not offer to share the freebie. Even in a group where that isn’t technically allowed you can say “PM me”. “I have some free information about this and I’m happy to share it with you if you PM me.” You’ll get lots of PMs and you can then drop them the link for the freebie.

Creating more landing pages will be the key to building your list faster with information products. Information products are the perfect way to build your list whether you create a lot of freebies, low-cost items, or higher priced items every one of them can build your list one email address at a time.

7 – Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages

Now that you have landing pages, you’ll want to start driving traffic to the landing pages. Traffic is what’s going to ensure that you get more signups for your email list.

The ways you can drive traffic are:

  • SEO – When you create a landing page, you’ll want to pay attention to the SEO of the page. For example, create a keyword rich headline and title. Name the page appropriately, ensure the navigation is effective, the words on the page are all words the search engine can use, and the offer all should keep search engine optimization at the top which includes designing for mobile first.
  • Blogging & Social Media Marketing – When you have finished any new product, make sure you write a blog post about it. Alternatively, you can make a video about the new product. This doesn’t matter if it’s free or paid. You should be excited about any new offering that you want to make to your audience. Post it on your blog, then share it on social media multiple times and ask your audience to share too.
  • Affiliates – Your affiliates can also help you build your list. Ensure that you describe your funnel to your affiliates so that they know exactly how many upsells, cross-sells, and information you plan to promote to them. How much can they potentially make on each customer they send your way even if they send them to a freebie item? Let them know and it will encourage them to use your freebie offers to build your list and make more money.
  • Paid Ads – Don’t turn your nose up at paid ads. Paid ads work very well for list building. You can run the ads on Facebook, for example, using some of the video content you’ve created to describe what your customers get from you in terms of the quality of the products and services you offer.

In Summary

An email list is fundamental to having a successful long-term business online or offline today. Nurturing your email list, building your email list, and communicating with your email list is imperative and you can do almost all of this with information products in different formats. In fact, information products are an amazingly effective way to build your email list. Whether algorithms change or stay the same this method will work to build your list fast, keep them happy, and make more money.

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