I thought I would switch gears on today’s UBC post and delve into the business side of my life. I think you’ll like this one.

Have you ever felt that no matter how well you market your small business, for some reason, you’re just not receiving the visibility you think you should be receiving? Are you hearing crickets when your name or your business name is being mentioned? Not literal crickets, but you know what I mean. I believe we go through dry periods of not receiving the kind of acknowledgement we’re looking for. That’s just normal. But instead of reclusing or just giving up, I would like to share some ideas of how you can go from invisible to visible in your business. You would be surprised how simple it can be by following one, two or all of the ways below that will impact who you are and what do in your business! Check it out.


1 – Share your expertise without any expectation of recognition or acknowledgement

There are so many ways you can share your ideas or expertise of your business. Here are examples of what you could be doing to gain visibility and possibly gain a following, or even better…a subscriber list!

  • Write and publish a blog post that would be of interest in your niche or market (one of my favorites)
  • Offer to be a guest speaker on a podcast or webinar
  • Share via Facebook or Twitter someone else’s event
  • Write and submit an article to Ezine Articles or Medium


2 – Be a big supporter for another business colleague

It can be a simple gesture of helping another fellow business owner, helping them also gain visibility with just these few short tips.

  • Share someone else’s blog posts via social media
  • Interview your business colleague and record/share it
  • Add other blogs to your website sidebar
  • Share articles written by others


3 – Ask and answer questions

Asking and answering questions can be done really anywhere that has a community of followers that are like-minded or they are searching for the same answers you are. Here’s how:

  • Engage in your favorite Facebook groups by answering questions left by other members
  • Post relevant questions on your own Facebook page
  • Interact on online communities like Alignable or even LinkedIn


4 – Share something inspirational to others

  • Select and share quotes that are relevant and inspiring
  • Find quote images and share those
  • When sharing a quote or image, explain why it resonates with you
  • Ask others to share their thoughts about the quote
  • Don’t be afraid to share your personal side, aside from your business side


5 – Be confident and assured in what you do

It will make a big difference in who you are and what you represent if you show confidence in what you say and what you do. Examples of how you can show up confidently:

  • Make sure you have a valid reason to show up and attend networking events
  • Set a goal as to how many or who you want to reach out to at an event
  • Show up to the event as if it was yours and just relax and have fun
  • Meet and greet others with no expectation of gaining leads or prospects


So, to sum it up, if you work on just one visibility tip mentioned above, you may find yourself gaining a following of other business owners that are interested in what you say and do. Sometimes, it’s that giving person, with no expectation in return, who is humble and kind that attracts the right people, forming the right relationships. So instead of pulling yourself in too many directions with your marketing, take a moment and just be your authentic self and watch yourself going from invisible to visible!

Sometimes, it's that giving person, with no expectation in return, who is humble and kind that attracts the right people, forming the right relationships. #blogboost #blog #blogging #UBC #ultimateblogchallenge Click To Tweet

Feel free to share your thoughts below on what you think would help make you or your business more visible. Maybe I missed something above. Would love to hear it!

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