Well it’s the last day of January 2019 and the last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for this month. I have to say it’s been a busy month, coming back from a long, well-deserved holiday vacation and I haven’t really taken a nice, deep breathe since. The whole reason I participated in the blog writing challenge was to stretch my brain and start writing again. Not only that, I knew by being in the challenge, it allowed me to promote my blog and network with like-minded individuals. I really enjoyed this time, even though I skipped a few days, ended up blogging 21 days out of the 31-day challenge. But that’s okay. I did what I set out for in the month of January. 

With that said, I look forward to continuing to write and promote my website. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my goal this year is to expand my business into offering additional services packages and training. I have in mind what I want to offer, but I’m not going to announce anything just yet. It’s really in the infancy stage right now. But very soon, I will be marketing and launching what is yet to come.

I do look forward to the next Ultimate Blog Challenge starting April 1. I encourage you to sign up if you’re a new blogger or a seasoned blogger and you want to gain visibility through networking. I’m so glad I did! I’ve made some wonderful connections in the process! Until next time! See ya’ll in April!


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