Yesterday’s post on Gaining More Prospects and Sales from Email Marketing (Part One) can be found here. I covered tips on how to improve your email marketing techniques with the following:

  • Create an Audience “Avatar”
  • Know Your Products & Services
  • Keep Building Your List
  • Use the Right Software
  • Understand the Value of Your List
  • Develop Targeted and Timely Content
  • Develop Effective Subject Lines

Today, I want to touch on these topics:

  • Sending Messages of Value Regularly
  • Testing Messages to Ensure Deliverability
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Analytics

Send Messages of Value Regularly

Once you get people on your email list, it’s important not to ignore them. Send messages that are full of value regularly. Your email messages can be even more valuable than your blog posts in some ways because they are more direct and personal in nature even if they are usually shorter messages.

When someone first joins your list, they should receive a welcome message that explains what to expect from being a list member. Congratulate them for joining and being part of your exclusive list. To qualify them, further, send an up-sell one-time offer on the following message based on how they got on your list. This type of segmentation will help improve your ROI exponentially by helping to weed out freebie seekers.

Once you get people on your email list, it’s important not to ignore them. Send messages that are full of value regularly. #blogboost Click To Tweet When someone first joins your list, they should receive a welcome message that explains what to expect from being a list member. #blogboost Click To Tweet

Test Messages to Ensure They Look Right & Work as Intended

Even if you’ve used your autoresponder numerous times, don’t get lazy. Always test every new message to ensure that the formatting is correct, that the links work, you send it to the right segment, and that the message works on the device or software that your audience uses.

Taking the extra step to test the messages will increase your ROI too. Other types of testing can include sending the exact same message to your list but sending half the message with one subject line and half with a different subject line. Also, remember that important messages shouldn’t only be sent one time. Send them to people who did not open them again with new subject lines so that you’ll get more opens and sales.

Don’t Forget the CTA

Always include some a call to action (CTA) within your email messages. There are many ways to do this and different industries suggest different methods. One way to ensure that your messages have a CTA is to identify why you’re sending the message to start with. What do you want your audience to do after they read the message? There should be no confusion about what your readers should do next, which should be the CTA.

When writing CTAs describe the value of the offer or what the results of the offer will be for the person who is smart enough to take advantage of it. For example, “Yes! I want more freedom now.” Another option might be, “Help Me Be Successful!” or something like that. Don’t just say “buy now” or “sign up.” Reiterate the benefits of taking action. If you use images in your emails make the CTA button stand out. Add your CTA above the fold, in the middle, and at the end of the email message.

Check Your Analytics, Tweak, & Repeat

The fact of the matter is that you cannot succeed on a regular basis if you don’t know why you succeeded to start with. Anyone can accidentally make a lot of money online without a plan, but the trick is being able to repeat it month after month. The thing is it’s not even a trick. With sound planning, testing, and data you can improve your email marketing continuously so that you get more prospects and more sales on a consistent and regular basis.

As you learn more about what makes your audience respond take note of it so that you can improve each future promotion effort. When you look at the analytics, depending on what it shows, you should be able to determine what the problems are and what the successes are. For example, suppose you sent an email message for a one-time offer (OTO), and 80 percent of your audience clicked through but no one took the offer. What does that tell you?

That tells you that something is wrong with the sales page or that what you said the offer was about within the email is so different from what they see on the sales page that they feel tricked. Alternatively, what if you send out an email and no one opens it? Does that mean it was a horrible email? Nope. It means that you need to improve the subject line, assuring that it is something of interest to your audience and send it out again.

In my third and final installment of improving your email marketing strategy in tomorrow’s post, I’ll cover the following:

  • Why Build an Email List to Start With?
  • Ways to Boost Sales and Sign Ups with Email Marketing
  • Other Email Related Strategies to Improve Conversions

Let me know if I can support you in ramping up your email marketing campaigns for 2020. Let’s talk!


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