Congratulations! You’ve reached a point in your business where you have probably established a professional business page on Facebook, definitely have a web presence with a professional website, and maybe even ventured into a few social media campaigns that resulted in getting people to actually hit the ‘like’ button. If you have been consistent with your campaigns, you now have, in essence, a captive audience; a targeted, built-in and GROWING fan base ready-made for product or service conversion. Ahhh, notice these key words? Targeted. Consistent. Captive. Growing. If you have reached a plateau where your business’s Facebook prospects are not interacting, sharing your content and consistently gaining your business an increase in your audience, fear not. There are a number of ways you can tweak and improve upon your Facebook marketing strategies, but I want to focus in on one of the most popular and that is using Facebook Live. Anytime you can talk to your audience live and on video, you are opening up a whole new world of possibilities with prospects and clients.

If you have a verified Facebook business page and a smart phone, you will love the on-the-spot live action feel with Facebook’s streaming feature, “Facebook Live”. It is an exciting opportunity for truly interacting with your audience. When you use the app and start a video feed, Facebook announces to your page (or group’s) fans that you are about to go live. The video is kept on top of their newsfeed for up to 30 minutes during and after your recording.

If you have at least a few hundred likes on your business page, you have the start of your captive audience. Download the app, click the live video stream button and get ready to have some interesting interactions with your audience.

Before you are live, you need to do a little bit of preparation. Have something tangible and informative you want to say. You want to plan for about 20-30 minutes of live video. Your first few live feeds do not have to be anything fancy or have a formal script. Try introducing yourself and talk a little bit about your business. What you have to remember is that you are not doing any hard, active selling. You are creating a sense of community. When you create community, you are developing supporters who will do anything for you. This translates into conversion from captive audience to an active client or customer.

How will these live (and eventually recorded) videos become beneficial other than sales conversion? The videos are recorded. You can use them as pre-made video adverts, v-log posts and embed them in websites or within your Facebook group.

You will need a few things to get started. Among them are:

  • recommended selfie stick
  • maybe a wireless microphone (lapel style)
  • confidence and a sense of humor

Think about what you want to say before you go live. Poll your group members or leave a post on your business page. Ask your audience what are their biggest concerns about some aspect of your industry. It is then your job to filter through the responses and create a loose (very loose) script for your first few videos answering those concerns. You are providing a solution to a perceived problem each time you do a live feed.

You will be able to see the audience members who are watching and commenting live. You will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions and immediately respond live to comments. At the end of each video feed, remember to have one call-to-action. That is to like your Facebook page and even to become a valued member of your Facebook group. Or even have them directed to your website to sign up for your free offer…remember list building!

What do you talk about if you are not a script kind of person? Initially, as stated before, introduce yourself. Then maybe for a few videos, show the inner workings of your business. Interview experts in your field. Maybe you can have a live feed dedicated exclusively for questions and answers from your audience.

When you schedule these live feeds, try to have one or two per week, offered consistently. When you interact with your audience base and make them feel appreciated and special, they will tell others. Your audience base will grow. Just like that!

In Summary

Engaging with your current captive audience through live feed interactions establishes community, credibility, professionalism and builds brand loyalty. When you establish those connections utilizing all the recommended growth strategies, your Facebook captive audience community will grow exponentially.

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