When creating content to get more traffic, it’s important to make sure that people are interested in the topic. Interest begins with appealing headlines that make people curious enough to click on them. So what makes them curious? Many things in a headline can make the reader mentally ask a question when they see the wording and phrasing. Let’s look at a few strategies and techniques you can use in your content headlines.

Some tips for writing effective headlines include:

  • Use Numbers – Using a number implies a certain amount of information will be given to the reader and it makes them curious. Compare these two headlines. “How to Build Your List” or “7 Free or Low-Cost List Building Strategies”. Which one would you be more likely to click, if you were interested in building your list?
  • Use the Right Keywords – It’s essential that you know what words your audience uses when they talk or think about their needs, pain points, and the solutions. This is because knowing the exact phrases and concepts will help you choose the words, phrases, and feelings that will persuade them to take action. You can also research keywords using tools like SemRush’s Magic Keyword Tool.
  • Make Readers Think and Question – Using the right words can challenge your audiences perception about something, just by reading the title. It can make them think, “How can that be?” or “Have I missed something?” This works well if you craft a title that mentions their problem and hints at the solution using an unexpected word or phrase.
  • Mention the Benefits – People always care more about their results rather than how fancy the features are. A good way to develop a click-worthy headline is to focus on the benefits or the ultimate result of the solution provides. For example, “Save $50 Per Week Using These 3 Tools.”
  • Offer Realistic Hope/Promise – Another tactic you can use to create headlines is to offer realistic hope and solutions. “How Single Mother Quits Waitress Job and Earns Six Figures with Part-Time Home Business” is a good headline that offers readers hope and encouragement for changing their status quo. The headline promises to tell you how to earn six figures from home, using the single mother as their case study or example. However, the hope must be realistically do-able for most people. Avoid unbelievable, sensationalized, exaggerated, or click-bait headlines at all cost.

Taking the time to create the right headline for your target audience ensures that you reach and connect with them in a more personal way – through their needs, thoughts, and feelings. Once they feel connected with you and want the benefits offered, they are compelled to sign up for your opt-in freebie or other item.

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