It’s a Friday and it’s Day 4 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today being a Friday, it’s supposed to be the end of the week and hopefully one of the best days of the week, right? Usually your commuters and virtual workers are super-excited that it’s the weekend. You have that extra skip in your step knowing you’ll have two days off (or maybe three if you’re taking a long weekend). 

Well my day started off just right, hearing the news my daughter made it into the National Honor Society AND the National Technical Honor Society both. So excited and proud of her! So the morning started off great, but then got some news from later in the morning from my daughter that something had happened to one of her friends. Well there went the great morning to a not-so-good afternoon. So what happens to your personal life and work life when bad news comes in like this? Do you completely shut down and clear your schedule to process the bad news or do you keep on working through it? It really depends on how bad the situation is, but some will need to step away and focus on what’s in front of them. I stepped back from my desk and texted my daughter through what she needed to hear from me…giving her advice as I knew how. I told her to keep in touch with me as much as possible because I didn’t want her to be bombarded with millions of texts from others that were inquiring about what happened. Information can be construed and twisted, making matters worse unless you hear the information firsthand. Once I was able to get information from my daughter, I was able to get back and focus on work tasks and continue with my day. I did find out that all is going to be okay and that the situation earlier has been resolved for now. That made me feel a lot better knowing that everything was going to be all right.

Something like this can happen at any given day or any given moment. It’s just a part of living life. There’s no getting around it. You will have a lot of good days and some bad days, but it’s up to how you manage the good and the bad is how the outcome will be. It can be very stressful, trying to manage a personal life and a business life, but what’s important is your family and helping them through the tough times, first and foremost. They will always come first in my life. I chose to start my Friday off right and you know what? It’s going to end right too.

Until tomorrow…Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! 🙂

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