Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge post is about one of my favorite female entrepreneurial powerhouses named Ali Brown. Back when I first started my own Virtual Assistance practice, I would search and find the best mentors that I know could possibly help me build my business and she was the one! I attended a few of her webinars and subscribed to her newsletter too. I even had the opportunity to ask questions of her on one of her webinars…not realizing that she would become not only a millionaire, but a celebrity on the show called, “Secret Millionaire”! How cool is that?!

Ali’s back-story impressed me the most as she quit her traditional job just 20 years ago and started her very own online business with very little to start with. It didn’t come with disappointment however. Like any new budding business owner, it comes with challenges, failures…to the point where you just want to quit. She didn’t quit and she’s a very successful, Inc 500 contender time and time again. I adore someone with that kind of drive to succeed! I wish I was half of what Ali represents…a very classy, kind and wonderful person that loves what she does and does it every day!

Visit her website and check out what she has to offer. I guarantee you will glean from her business advice.


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