So you like my post title, huh? Does it intrigue you to want to read my post? Yes? Great! I’m glad I got your attention! 

I’m writing today to give a shout-out to my favorite Facebook group called the “Virtual Networking Community for Introvert-preneurs”. Without the encouragement and attention I have received from its members and especially the founder of this group, Kim Gray, I don’t believe I would be where I am right now in my business! Since I have been more active in this community over the past few months, I have been more engaged in the conversations, the monthly calls and the challenges offered. Even with my busy work schedule, I have taken the time to interact as much as I can on a daily basis. And I’m glad I did. It has made a difference in how I approach my office each morning. It wasn’t that long ago I was having second thoughts about continuing in my virtual practice, but with some encouraging words from some of my colleagues and from Kim and the other VNCI members, I no longer feel defeated. I feel recharged and I’m ready to be back on my game again! I feel I have a purpose again! Now don’t get me wrong…I still have days I have no motivation, but those are few and far between, unlike a few months ago.

I will say that I am a bit saddened that our little group of “Introvert-preneurs” will not have Kim at the helm after this month because she will be on medical recovery and working on her own business venture, but I completely understand her priorities. She will be missed! But I hope that we will be able to continue to have some interaction or maybe someone would like to take over the lead for this group. I had a brief thought that perhaps I could take over the group and keep it running, but those are some big shoes to fill! Plus, I’m at a point in my own business that I need to focus more on my own marketing. If you had read my previous post, I already mentioned I needed to promote myself more. Who knows…if things go as planned and I’ve filled my practice back to full capacity, I may revisit the idea.

One of the things Kim taught us was one of the ways to gain visibility is to offer your advice or lead a group in Q&A sessions. You can even offer your time as a volunteer so you can share your expertise. You would be surprised that there are folks out there that would look at you as a leader in your or their industry and they are in need of your services! I know this from experience. It works!

I will never forget the challenges in our group that had me step out of my comfort zone either! Boy oh boy! Who would have thought that I would host my own FB live session back in January, given I am an introvert! If you didn’t get to see me in action from my January post, you can see it here: And I had a chance to be interviewed by Kim in February, discussing my passion to serve my clients. She recorded the interview on Zoom and the video can be found here (11:42 in length): Feel free to watch if you have the time.

So why am I telling you all this? Because you are not alone in being an entrepreneur. There are many, many others out there that face the same struggles as you do. I encourage you to find a mentor or a group of like-minded individuals that will help you in your journey as a business owner. No one can do it alone! Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is someone who helped them along the way. You can either invest into a business coach or mentor, requiring you to budget this into your business expenses or you can find someone or a group like I found to guide you along the way. I’m glad I did. I caution you to focus on one or two groups that you know will make a difference and not subscribe to a lot of groups that will not be of benefit to you. And make sure you invest a little of your time daily to engage and interact. Make sure you ask questions and be sure to answer questions that you may have answers. It’s a great way to get a meaningful conversation started.

Feel free to share what your favorite mentor or groups are in the comments section below. I would love to hear all about it! 

Another group I didn’t mention above…The Ultimate Blog Challenge! I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t for the 30-day challenge! Yay for my Day 2 post!


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