Today I’m taking a totally different turn and posting a photo that is close to my heart…my family. This wonderful group of folks is why I get up every day and live my life to its fullest. They are the ones that fuel my passion to be the best I can be…as a mother…as a wife…as an entrepreneur…and as a friend. Pictured below is my two children, my husband and my in-laws. Let me tell you a little fact about each one.

Pictured Front Left: Pat McManama, my mother-in-law. She’s the sweetest woman I know and will do anything for you. She also has the patience of a saint if you ask me. She raised three boys of her own!

Pictured Front Right: Joe McManama, my father-in-law. He’s a wonderful man who always has good advice to share about life and work.ย 

Pictured Back Left: This is my son, Dakotah McManama. Hes’ my self-sufficient, laid-back child. Well, he’s not a child anymore. More like 21. He’s my comedian who keeps me laughing everyday. He’s also an example of reliability and he has a great work ethic.ย 

Pictured Back Middle: This is my daughter, Chloe McManama. This is my independent and always on-the-go child who is so much like me. Super-smart, talented and, well, yes, she’s very pretty too. She can be a sweet and gullible girl, but there are moments she will stand up and defend her ground when she needs to. She also has a great work ethic.

Pictured Back Right: Tom McManama, my husband. This is the man who holds us all together and is the most level-headed of the bunch. Without him, I could not manage all the hats I wear. He’s my best friend and my go-to for when I need support. He’s been there for me through so much. He keeps me laughing with his one-liners that he goes on-and-on with. Trust me, you would have to be there to understand that when he gets started with a topic, he just keeps going and going and going! LOL

Thereย  you have it…my little family that I love SO much! ๐Ÿ™‚

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