As we are nearing the end of the January Ultimate Blog Challenge (mind you, I’m a few days behind, but that’s okay…life still lives on!), I want to share with you a couple of pics that depict a day in my life that truly is what I live for. With all the hustle and bustle of my everyday life with running a business, managing a household and raising two kids, there is a point in my life where I need time to myself. It’s rare I get to step out of my busy role and just have time to think and just to be happy. 

Below is what I enjoy doing…spending time in the woods with my black lab pup, Georgia. These were taken yesterday on a man-made trail near my home. Georgia keeps me busy as it is, but he enjoys the exercise and so do I. So with the view of the country-side on a cold January morning, walking with my dog and breathing in the air around me, THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR! 

Georgia: Mommy taking yet another picture of me!

Georgia doing what he loves! Waterplay!


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