As today’s suggested theme from the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I thought I would share a brief review on the Netflix original movie most famously known as Birdbox. I’m not much of a Netflix watcher because I stay busy with work and volunteering, but my daughter wanted to sit and watch it with me while she was on holiday break from school. We didn’t have much else to do, so why not? I figured since Sandra Bullock was starring in it, it must be pretty good.

Without going into a lot of detail about the movie, it was strange to say the least, but you really had to keep your focus on the whole movie, because if you missed where the scenes would move back and forth from past and present moments, you wouldn’t understand what was going on and you would lose interest in it. So if you’re like a lot of teenagers and you’re on your phone most of the time (hint, hint…my daughter), then I doubt you will find it enjoyable or you wouldn’t even know what happened.

I could dig really deep in the meaning of the movie, but I will say it showed tones of darkness and sadness to the point of life being sacrificed, but then the ending brought triumph and peace to those not affected by the darkness. If that makes sense.

But you know what’s really crazy about this movie? The hype that it received to the point of being the most watched movie, beating out some of the box-office greats. I kid you not! It has been on the national news about its popularity and people wondered if Netflix movies would be in serious contention with the big movie screen. I seriously doubt that, but I’m sure it was an eye-opener.

So how do you think all this buzz about the movie came about? Using the power of social media…and for FREE! I cannot imagine how many teenagers snapped about it on their Snapchat accounts that they were watching or have watched Birdbox! That app alone brought so much attention to the movie, next to the Netflix series such as 13 Reasons Why and The Haunting of Hill House

I’m not sure how much of the Birdbox movie would relate to my industry, but how much fun would it be to create such a marketing buzz around it that you would have so much business that you wouldn’t know what to do with it! Imagine the possibilities!


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