For my Day 6 Ultimate Blog Challenge post, I’m taking a different direction and writing a personal one today. Why not? It’s a Saturday and I’m a bit more relaxed and ready for working in my garden later. What I really like about this time of the year is in just a few short weeks, I’ll be planting my spring and summer gardens and tending to them throughout the summer months. Yes, I have a passion for vegetable gardening and I’m so itching to get everything planted in the next couple of weeks! I’ve been preparing my plots and doing general cleanup in our back yard. It feels good to walk across my back lawn and see the improvements just over the last two weekends. I love seeing new growth and new life as the spring season has approached. What I don’t love is the impending arrival of the pine pollen that blankets our area for approximately two weeks, and I don’t even have allergies!

So why did I title my post as “Who doesn’t like digging in the dirt?”? Because there is nothing like the feeling of digging your hands in the dirt or just pulling weeds without the use of gloves. I love it! I come out of my garden with dirt under my nails. To me, it feels like I’ve accomplished much because I’ve toiled and sweated and the results are rewarding when you come in with ripened vegetables straight out of your garden. I really don’t do anything special to my soil other than I mix in with the existing soil piles of dirt from my compost pile. I don’t use any fertilizer, but natural solutions for bugs and slugs. I also have to combat the fur-babies from getting into my garden plots too.

Yep, these are my nails after a day working in the garden!


Just a while ago, my husband came in with additional plant seeds I requested. Here in a week, we’ll be out venturing looking for vegetable plants that I can easily transplant into the ground. I usually pick up tomato, eggplant, and a variety of pepper plants to start with. If I see something else I want to try, I’ll get some of those too. I especially love vipe-ripened tomatoes and I could eat them every day if you let me.

Most of my vegetable seeds: green beans, field peas, black beans, pinto beans, okra, squash, cucumbers, basil and cilantro


So I’m off to plan another garden plot today, tilling it to get ready for more planting, but I would love to hear your comments if you like to garden and how you go about preparing it for the season. I honestly have not put much into setting up a fall or winter garden, but perhaps I’ll consider it this year.


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