Yesterday’s post on Gaining More Prospects and Sales from Email Marketing (Part Two) can be found here. I covered tips on how to improve your email marketing techniques with the following:

  • Send messages of value regularly
  • Test messages to ensure they look right and work as intended
  • Don’t forget the CTA
  • Check your analytics, tweak and repeat

The third and final installment of today’s post will cover the following topics:

  • Why Build an Email List to Start With?
  • Direct Ways to Boost Sales and Signups with Email marketing
  • Other Email Related Things You Can Do to Improve Conversions

Why Build an Email List to Start With?

If you’re not convinced yet, let’s talk about why you want an email list to start with. Getting more prospects and making more sales with email marketing is in your grasp. As stated at the beginning, there is a 38 to 1 ROI. What’s more, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. It doesn’t matter if you sell digital or physical products or a service.

You need to add email marketing to your marketing strategy and decide upon the tactics that you’ll use to get targeted subscribers so that you can provide valuable and helpful information to your audience while letting them know about great products and services that they need that you know how to find due to your expertise. You’re helping them.

Because of this, you should feel great about building an email list, sending regular messages, including offers that will help them, and that will earn money for you. If you build a solid email list your business will last longer, be more successful, and your income will go up exponentially every single month.

Direct Ways to Boost Sales and Sign Ups with Email Marketing

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty about boosting sales and sign-ups with email marketing. These tips will work for any type of niche to help you make more sales and get more responsive signups for your email marketing messages.

  • Limited Time Discounts for Members Only – Let prospects know that when they get on your email list they’re going to be able to take advantage of discounts for members only. Then, when you release a new product allow your subscribers first dips to get the entry-level price.
  • Offer a Sneak Peek – When you’re in the process of creating a new information product for your audience, or you know that a great affiliate offer is coming down the pike, it’s a great time to let your list members know about it so they can get in early. Offer pre-ordering ability so they get the VIP treatment.
  • Show a Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek – This is a great way to demonstrate how your product works, who it works for, and what it can do for them. You can also offer some secret information to your list about how a product works or how you do what it is that you do.
  • Share Feedback – When people share feedback with you, usually praising the item or making a suggestion for a modification, sharing what you learned with your mailing list can often encourage others to buy the item. When sharing feedback that you have received, keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t give too many details in the email. To share more, write about the feedback on your blog and include the link to it in emails.
  • Offer Loyal Customer Rewards – Segment your list so that it only has people who have bought from you. You can further segment based on exact products the buyer has bought. Then, offer customer rewards to them to show your appreciation.
  • Entice Dormant Customers – Sometimes people buy from you and then they don’t respond to your offers for a while. The best way to deal with this is to offer a “come back we miss you” offer via email.
  • Upsells & Cross-Sells – Always find ways to include upsells and/or cross-sells. The more things you offer really need and want the more sales you’ll make. If you don’t offer, they don’t know.
  • Piggyback on Affiliate Offers – When you sell something via an affiliate program sometimes you feel as if you have no control over anything once the sale is made. However, most affiliate programs do offer you the ability to add-on your own product or you can simply let them email you the receipt to precede.
  • Coordinate Your Emails – You’re likely going to have several paid advertising campaigns going on at the same time. Therefore, you need to find a way to make it all relate to your audience. Remember, people need to see something multiple times before they act. Even if others are promoting the offer, they may act from your email.
  • Send Referrals / Recommendations – If you can be a resource to your audience, you’ll build trust and increase your own sales. One way to do that is to be honest about what’s out there. While you’d prefer to have an affiliate link for everything that you recommend, it is actually better in the long run, if you share products, services, and freebies, simply for the sake of helping your readers. You don’t need an affiliate link in everything to build trust. You just need to use good judgement when selecting the things you share.
  • Use Buttons Instead of Links – People tend to click buttons more often than links so it’s important to understand that and include them in your email marketing when you can. Test it out with your audience to find out what works best in your case.
  • Thank Them — Send out an occasional thank you for being a loyal follower with a freebie or other offer inside.

These ideas are simple to implement. You don’t need that much special software to do them. However, they will all help you increase sales, get more prospects, and publish relevant content for your audience.

Other Email Related Things You Can Do to Improve Conversions 

Here are a few more ideas that you can use directly to help get more signups, keep them, and turn them into buyers.

  • Create Abandoned Cart Series – Set up a pixel so that you can re-market to people who abandoned their carts. If they’re already a customer, most shopping carts can handle this. If they’re not, you can use Facebook Ads to get them back. Put 7 to 10 emails into the autoresponder to help them go back to their cart.
  • Create Welcome Series for Opt-in Signups – For every list you create, it’s important to create a welcome series of 7 to 10 emails. This will help them get accustomed to receiving your emails on a regular basis. This can also make them feel appreciated and important, which increases their trust in you.
  • Create Follow Up Series After Orders – Anytime someone buys from you, thank them with a good follow up series. You can thank or congratulate them for making an excellent choice or give them tips for getting the most out of their purchase. The latter option is a good way to stave off problems, if you answer many of their questions in the tips and tricks emails.

Getting more prospects and sales with email marketing is almost a sure thing if you’ve chosen your audience right, know what products and/or services they need and tell them about them, and create the products or services they’re asking for.

Now that you know about the effectiveness of email marketing, you can get started, even if you currently do not have a list. Just use this short checklist to get the ball rolling.

  1. Choose Your Autoresponder Technology
  2. Target an Ideal Audience Member
  3. Find or Create Products & Services They Need
  4. Use Multiple Methods to Get Targeted Members
  5. Send Targeted Messages to Your List Members Regularly
  6. Include Calls to Action in Every Message
  7. Promote Something That Earns Money in Each Email
  8. Ask for Feedback
  9. Engage with Your Audience
  10. Study Your Metrics
  11. Repeat

It’s never too early or too late to start building your mailing list, getting more prospects, and making more sales with email marketing. Email has been a powerful force in building businesses both online and offline for over 20 years now. Out of all the other moneymaking platforms, email marketing has been the most sustainable and effective marketing method for businesses.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss how I can support you in creating your best 2020 email marketing strategy yet!

Please keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.


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