I know you’re probably wondering why I titled my post, “Let’s Party Like It’s 1999!”. Well, I’m kind of doing a throw-back to when we were approaching the end of 1999, moving into the year 2000, or famously named, Y2K. Do you recall how crazy everyone got thinking everything would go haywire once the clock struck midnight? Everything had to be “Y2K compliant”. Funny to look back almost 20 years ago and see how far we’ve come since that date. Not that we are approaching another century mark, but we will be approaching another decade mark, leading into the year 2020 in just a few short weeks. Trust me…Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!

I find it interesting that I’ve come across a lot of social media posts, memes and blog posts about being prepared for the year 2020 here lately, especially amongst the younger crowd. They’ve been posting pictures of their childhood memories of movies, toys they used to play with and shows they used to watch on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. I used to watch those shows with my kids too! LOL

I don’t think that it’s necessary to become concerned that we’re moving into a new decade more than I believe you just need to prepare for anything at any given time, especially if you’re in business with yourself. I mentioned in my Day 1 UBC blog post that now would be a good time to create your marketing plan for the new year. Don’t wait until December 31 to plan your year out for your business. We’re already a week into October and I’m sitting here thinking I haven’t jumped on my marketing plan yet! Oh but I will. Honestly if you’re a smart business owner, you would be planning your marketing and networking throughout the year…not just at the beginning or the ending of the year. I always tell my clients to be consistent and on top of their outreaches. And consistency is what brings in more business and more income. 

So as you’re thinking about “partying like it’s 2019” here in the next few weeks, also think about how you want to end your year…are you thinking about starting over in your business or career…or do you want to end it with success? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below. I would love to hear what your plans are.

Until tomorrow…Day 8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!

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